Potato Head Family Digital Manager

Potato Head Family

Potato Head Family Digital Manager

Potato Head Family is a hospitality and lifestyle company in the business of making genuine quality products, charming experiences and lasting memories.

For 18 months JEJSD worked as the Potato Head Family Digital Manager redefining and developing their digital roadmap.

JEJSD project managed and launched five websites; each having the necessary tools to modify and edit content, optimise content for SEO and to seamlessly create new page templates across all devices.

JEJSD focused on CRM research and ready-to-launch planning to bring the companies Analytics + Data under one centralised platform, Acquisition and retention, Integrations, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Data Management, Analytics, Project Management, Mobile Commerce, E-mail Marketing, PPC and SEO.

“JEJSD did an excellent job of conveying the lifestyle of Potato Head Family”
Ronald – CEO of Potato Head Family


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