Better known to most as Jamie, I have been building multi million pound businesses online, in retail and fashion, for the past 15 years.

In a diverse career, spanning two continents and multiple web related projects, I launched my own creative studio, Dazze, in 2019 that specialises in Experience Commerce.

The purpose is to break away from the eCommerce sameness by building original online Experiences, putting your brand and content first with conversion always in mind.

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eCommerce Manager
04.2005 — 12.2007
In late 2005, I helped Triads win the ‘Maxim Style Awards’ at the e-Commerce Awards, sponsored by DTI One North East and BT, and also ‘Best Sales and Marketing Online’.

eCommerce Manager
03.2008 — 10.2010
I was part of the team that helped establish oki-ni as one of the benchmark online retailers of its time for menswear.

eCommerce Manager
11.2010 — 04.2014
I was a key stakeholder that contributed to a yearly turnover of roughly £6,500,000, attracting over 4,500,000 visits with an average order value of £400.

Uniform Wares
Digital Manager
05.2014 — 06.2015
I helped increase the total revenue by 18%, reaching a yearly turnover of over £2,000,000.

05.2005 — 02.2019
Freelance web designer, developer, digital marketer and consultant.

02.2019 — Present
A new beginning! Experience Commerce.

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