Who Builds Your Website

Typically this is a developer. However, platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace and more, all have pre-built Content Management Systems (CMS) with thousands of online support articles, and an abundance of Themes and Templates to choose from to help you achieve this yourself.

But remember, do your research to make sure the Content Management Systems (CMS) can sustain the same amount of growth you wish to achieve within your business, and the Theme you decide to use can match your design. The added bonus to using one of the above Content Management Systems (CMS) is the choice of templates, themes and plugins at your disposal. All are typically fully documented and come with added support from the template, theme or plugin developers, but they can be limited. Do your research before committing and thinking “I can do this myself”.

If the above is still a daunting task, or you cannot find a theme that matches your design, you should find a developer or agency who can help bring your designs to life. For the best results, a bespoke design is always the best route to take as every element will be tailored towards your design without any compromise. The developer or agency should also recommend the correct Content Management Systems (CMS) based on your companies needs.

When choosing a developer or agency, make sure they have a good reputation and portfolio, ideally with similar work to what you wish to achieve.

Be transparent and share as much information with them as possible, regardless of what stage you are at with the project (Content, Wireframes, Designs, Company Goals etc) and don’t be surprised if they ask you lots of questions before the development or design stage begins. This is a good sign!

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