Your Website Platform

With many websites, sometimes the hardest decision is choosing how to build it. You have three basic options here…

1. The website is built from pure HTML by a developer and you cannot update the website unless you have some knowledge of HTML code, or you are happy to rely on the developer to make all of your updates.

2. You use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace.

3. You have a custom Content Management System (CMS) built for you.

In order to work out which option you should choose, you should ask yourself a number of questions.

1. Will you be updating or adding content? If so, how often will this be.

2. Will you be adding new features and developments on a regular basis?

3. Will you just leave the website for 6 months at a time?

These questions, amongst others, ultimately decide which option you should choose. The more you update and use the website, the easier and fluid it should be to do so.

Another important thing to factor in at this stage is the roadmap of your business. What are the goals of the company? There is no point choosing a platform that cannot grow with your business or heavily relies on a external person(s) to update the simplest of pages if you wish to update your website each day with new content.

JEJSD can help you make this choice.

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