How Do You Start A Website

Every time I am asked ‘How do you start a website’ I always answer with ‘Content’. I’m not just talking about words here. Content also includes themes and the feel behind it. You need to also consider the target audience. Without content there are no foundations to build upon.

Not just any old content as well, do your research and optimise it for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – We’ll come to that further down the line when covering how to get traffic to your website).

I often get ‘I like that website, can we do it like that?’ and ‘Just copy that website’. Following this approach is asking for trouble and is like building a sports car with a lawn mower.

Content is the foundation of all websites.

There are situations where the design itself dictates what goes on the page. For example, Twitter set restrictions on the content users can create in order to fit a certain design. Pinterest have done the same to shape the type of content their users will create. This is where content follows design.

However, these types of services are the exception rather than the rule.

You should at this time have some idea of branding. Some guidelines that cover the logo, fonts, colours and the name of your business. This is also a good time to buy your website address or domain in which people will find you if you have not already done so. Hold off on hosting for now because you may have some specific hosting requirements, depending on the platform you decide to build the website on.

JEJSD can help you formulate this content, create your branding and manage your domain.

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